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Sunday, December 2, 2018

Dear President Bush 43

Dear President Bush (43)n and family:

Along with the nation, I mourn the loss of your father, grandfather and great-grandfather. While their is more than ample tributes written to George H. W. by those who knew him well, I offer one from a person who never had same opportunity.

I wish I had met your dad.  I would have loved to have sat down with him, have an iced tea, and listen to his perspective on government today.  I would like to hear his thoughts on the Middle East, North Korea, China.  I want to know his ideas about breaking the racial, religious and ideological divides that are wrecking our country.  I want to know how he thinks we can bring people together.

I want to hear of his adventures as a fighter pilot through his own voice.  My dad's first cousin was shot down over Formosa.  Maybe their paths crossed.  What future leaders did he encounter in his military career? 

I would love to have heard of his work with the CIA, but I am sure he would not be permitted to disclose any pertinent information.  I would love to have known how he feels about social media and the attacks on the free press.  I would love to know how he would deal with the Khashoggi incident, but being a gentleman and true patriot, he would decline answering this question, lest he might impose upon President Trump's authority.

He would have been an excellent professor.  He has seen the world through the lenses of poverty and wealth, freedom and fascism, communism and democracy and all points between these continua. Students would never miss a class.

I am certain he was the perfect patriarch.  I know his loss to your family cannot be measured in words or tears.  I know this is just one of the many condolences being written.  I know you will be flooded with condolences.  I hope you find time to read them all.

Once again, with the rest of America, I am sorry for your loss.